Our Story

Why the letter “H” you ask?  For those that are music savvy, it actually has unique meaning that is philosophically rooted in the foundation of our business.  Both the Scandinavians and Germans use the letter “H” for the note “B Natural” on the diatonic musical scale.  They believe that every note, should have differentiated distinction for each unique sound.

Similarly in our practice, we believe that every leader and a company’s digital footprint have a unique set of strengths that should be honored and channeled to maximize their influence.

H Management Consulting is an intentional business practice with leadership reach, transcending the physical and digital domains.  We live at the intersection of Strategic Business Acumen and Authentic EQ, propelling change that expedites business results.  With client-work specializing in Corporate Strategy & Development, Digital Marketing, and Website Development.

We are here to help serve your mission and look forward to talking to you!

HMC B Nautral